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Tab 7 Essential

Tab 7 Essential front and back angle views

Great tablet. Incredible price

Finally—a great tablet that won’t break the bank. The Tab 7 Essential is perfect for families, thanks to multi-user accounts that let parents tailor experiences for themselves and their kids. It’s thin and light, too – a budget-friendly pass-around tablet for any household.

Great tablet. Incredible price


  • Thin and light

    The Tab 7 Essential’s slim and light profile — around 8.8mm thick and 254 grams — means you’ll barely know you’re holding it.

    Tab 7 Essential front & back angle views

    Pure Android 7

    Running on a near-stock version of Android 7.0 Nougat, the Tab 7 Essential delivers a pure Android experience, reduces app clutter, and bolsters performance.

    Tab 7 Essential display

    Share your device – but hold on to your privacy

    Each user gets their own account with individualized settings, wallpaper and social media accounts. Separate password log-ins make it a secure, personal space so you can share your tablet with others without worrying about privacy.

    Tab 7 Essential straight up and on its side

    Wi-Fi and optional LTE

    The Tab 7 Essential is available in Wi-Fi or LTE so you can stay connected while on the go.

    Tab 7 Essential in someone's hand


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