JBL In Ear Stereo Headphones JBL-E15 RED

The sound that moves you even when you are on the move


JBL E15 – in-ear headphones, with the same style and quality in one product. You will enjoy the JBL signature sound to the fullest, despite the small size of the entire membrane, built into a rather compact form. Everyone will be able to choose for themselves the most convenient of several suggested sizes of curved liners and cushions, ensuring a comfortable fit and comfortable listening to music for a long time without discomfort, no matter where – driving around the city, hurrying to work, waiting for the bus. The cable in the fabric sheath has the highest quality not to twist and not to be confused. The one-button control panel is the easiest to use. A small, almost weightless headphone weight. A wide selection of bright colorful colors. All these qualities make JBL E15make a spectacular accessory and a desirable companion for everyday life.
Ð ?? Ð ° Ñ ?? Ñ ?? ÐиÐÐÐ¸Ñ ÐÑÐÑ Ð · Ð ° Ð¿Ñ ?? Ð¾Ñ ?? Ñ ?? JBL E15 Red (JBLE15RED)
JBL sound inherent
Convenience of forms with the same corporate sound.
Ð ?? Ð ° Ñ ?? Ñ ?? ÐиÐÐÐ¸Ñ ÐÑÐÑ Ð · Ð ° Ð¿Ñ ?? Ð¾Ñ ?? Ñ ?? JBL E15 Red (JBLE15RED)
Remote Control
Universal remote control with one button and built-in microphone.


Audio Parameters
Lower bound of working range, Hz 20
Upper bound of working range, Hz 20,000
Manufacturer Name E15 red
Additional Information
Warranty 12 months
Connection type Wired
Wired interface type MiniJack (3.5 mm)
Main settings
Headphone Type Liners
Diameter of the driver, mm 9
Microphone presence Yes
Design and design
Colour Red


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