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The Enox10000 is an external battery charger with a stylized metal cover, which is not only characterized by its resistant and attractive design, but also by being able to efficiently dissipate the excess temperature. This fast-charging power source ensures maximum productivity wherever you go, as it keeps your mobile device as active as you are!

Battery of superior quality

with lithium polymer cell

Load your device

Up to 5 Times *

2 USB ports

3.1Amp output for faster load speeds


metal cover

LED indicators

of the battery level




  • 10,000mAh of power contained in a stylized and attractive aluminum cover
  • Two USB ports
  • Portable 3,1A fast charge battery: three times more effective than devices with standard 1A input and output
  • Flashlight with ultra-bright LED light
  • Practical LED indicators show the charge level and battery status
  • Store enough power to charge up to 5 times * your mobile device
  • Compatible with most portable rechargeable devices
  • Nearly 500 recharge cycles over the lifetime of the battery


General features

  • Micro-USB input for charging
  • Input voltage 5V DC – 2000mA
  • CC output max. 5V, 3100mA (both outputs)


  • Type and capacity of the battery: Lithium-ion polymer cell, 10000mAh
  • Charging time Approx. 2.6 hours
  • Recharge cycles Approx. 500 cycles

Protection characteristics

  • Overvoltage Yes
  • Overcurrent Yes
  • Overload Yes
  • Excessive discharge Yes
  • Load transfer capacity Yes

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  • Input: Micro USB for charging
  • Input: Voltage DC 5V – 2000mA
  • Output:  DC 5V max 2100mA


  • Battery type/capacity: Lithium-ion polymer 5000mAh cell
  • Battery charging time: Approx. 2.6 hrs
  • Recharge cycles: Approx. 500 times
  • Efficiency rate: 85%

Protection features

  • Over voltage: Yes
  • Overcurrent: Yes
  • Over charge: Yes
  • Over discharge: Yes
  • Pass-through charging capability: Yes

Additional information

  • Accessories: USB to micro USB cable
  • Dimensions: 49.×2.7×0.3in
  • Weight:5oz

Data Sheet

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