Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate Enthusiasts Class Water/Liquid CPU Cooler 360MM

Brand: Thermaltake

Water 3.0 Ultimate
High Performance Waterblock
High Efficiency Radiator
Triple Curve Fans
High Reliability Pump
Easy and Simple Installation

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Water 3.0 Ultimate

Formed to support the desires of enthusiasts, Thermaltake new Water 3.0 Ultimate is an All-In-One LCS with an especially large 360mm radiator design. When choosing a highly-efficient liquid cooler to control any escalating CPU temperatures, it also includes an easy, clean, and low-maintenance setup. The new Thermaltake All-In-One LCS Water 3.0 Series is designed to exceed user expectations. One simple upgrade allows users to enjoy a better cooling performance with superior CPU protection.

CL-W007-PL12BL-AHigh Performance Waterblock 

The high performance copper base plate accelerates the heat conductivity. Additionally, the pre-refilled coolant reduces any stress from liquid replenishment hassle.

High Efficiency Radiator 

The specially designed 360mm large surface radiator not only doubles the cooling surface, but also supports up to 6 x 120mm fans for additional heat dissipation.

Triple Curved Fan

The triple 120mm PWM fans provide an instantaneous cooling function. The powerful PWM controlled fan speed is between i1000~2000rpm, reducing the radiator heat from the chassis to maximize cooling off performance.

CL-W007-PL12BL-AHigh Reliability Pump 

The high quality and reliable pump enables the maximum amount of water circulation, keeping the copper plate continuously cool. The low evaporation tube effectively decreases the loss of coolant; therefore no refill is either needed or required.

CL-W007-PL12BL-AEasy and Simple Installation

The Water 3.0 Series features the latest cooling performance technology from Thermaltake, providing a simple installation system, and a totally maintenance-free operation. The Water 3.0 Series is easy to install and requires the minimum amount of space in the chassis.


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