Projector Ceiling Mount | Aluminum, Steel | Klip Xtreme KPM 410-B

$7,000 $5,000




Grab the attention of your audience by dramatically expanding the viewing potential of your presentations, videos and images with this reliable and functional Universal Projector Ceiling mount from Klip Xtreme. Compatible with nearly all data and home theater projectors weighting 22lbs or less, this support is quick and easy to install. Its adjustablepole with a hollow venter allows you to keep insightly cables concealed from view. Equipped with extendable legs ansd a unique plate configuration, the KPM-4

Brand: Klip Xtreme
Color: Black
Contains complete installation kit
Accommodates virtually all projectors up to 10kg
Total length of column: 2.3cm
Max. distance between any 2 fixing points: 3.7cm
High-quality aluminum and steel construction


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